The Lecture
How to build brands through live marketing?
Coca Cola does it year after year, each time elevating her equity as the number one brand in Israel. How does this happen?
How did Promarket launch Fairy, P&G's dishwasher cleaner, through live marketing, winning the Globes Award as the best live marketing event in the world?
Is it possible to point out 10 rules to build a winning adapted live marketing for a brand? And how can pop-up stores be used to build your brand?
These are some of the questions that Yoni Saar will be answering in his fascinating one hour lecture. The lecture includes video pieces, photographs, and case studies from Promarket's, and the world's, greatest campaigns.

How is it possible to integrate between live marketing and the internet?
How are "You tube" and "Facebook" being integrated with exciting live marketing, and how can we extend their potential impact?
Yoni Saar, partner and the head of Promarket's creative department, presents live marketing for the major league players.
He focuses on HOW to do it effectively and efficiently.